With a core technology that facilitates the safe, effective delivery of multiple anti-cancer agents, the Co-D Therapeutics Pipeline is as rich as the cancer chemotherapy arsenal itself. Initially, Co-D Therapeutics will focus on anti-cancer agents that meet several key criteria. Specifically, Co-D Therapeutics will identify effective anti-cancer agents that have not been developed due to formulation-related obstacles and agents that are currently formulated with highly toxic excipients. For multi-drug preparations, Co-D Therapeutics will look to combinations with proven synergistic anti-cancer activity.

Exemplifying this approach is our first-in-class agent, Triolimus that, combines paclitaxel, rapamycin and 17-AAG (tanespimycin). Paclitaxel is the best selling cancer drug in history with potent activity in a number of cancers. Paclitaxel, as conventionally formulated, requires solubilization in a polyethoxylated castor oil that is toxic. This solubilizer results in life-threatening allergic reactions in up to 3% of patients treated with conventionally formulated paclitaxel. For this reason, patients require careful premedication and monitoring. Tanespimycin displayed encouraging pre-clinical and clinical activity in cancer but its development was marked by serious problems in formulation and development was eventually halted. Finally, rapamycin has exceptionally well-documented anti-cancer activity but its delivery has proven to be an obstacle. In the case of both tanespimycin and rapamycin, expensive synthetic alternatives were developed to overcome formulation problems due to the promise these agents hold in cancer treatment. Triolimus overcomes all of these delivery challenges with a safe, simple polymeric micelle formulation. Perhaps more importantly, we and others have shown that the three-drug combination of paclitaxel, rapamycin and 17-AAG has synergistic anti-cancer activity in a number of cancers. Thus, Triolimus represents a safe, rationally-designed anti-cancer agent with anticipated activity in a broad range of malignancies.