Co-D is an innovative drug development company dedicated to bringing to market first-in-class, combination nano-medicines with high safety profiles to treat cancer. Co-D is developing a platform technology based on polymeric micelles to deliver rational combinations of active agents in a single, safe therapeutic. Co-D’s lead agent, Triolimus, provides an uniquely safe delivery vehicle for paclitaxel, rapamycin, and 17-AAG that addresses major shortcomings in the use of these agents in clinical practice. Specifically, Triolimus eliminates the toxic excipients required to deliver these individual agents as currently formulated, permits delivery of all three agents in a single infusion and ensures bioavailability by permitting intravenous injection.  Co-D’s lead product Triolimus is in preclinical testing and will be developed to treat multiple types of cancer.

iStock_000015861340SmallWe anticipate that Co-D’s platform technology will generate multiple products in the future. Co-D is seeking to establish strategic partnerships that are aligned with our business strategy to develop the company’s nano-medicine programs.

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