Combination Therapy

Co-D Therapeutics’ core polymeric micelle technology offers an array of advantages over conventional combination cancer therapy. First, polymeric micelles permit the delivery of water-insoluble, hard to deliver, cancer drugs in a single, safe vehicle. This eliminates the often toxic intravenous formulations used for many key cancer drugs (such as paclitaxel) and may improve patient safety. Additionally, the favorable safety profile of polymeric micelles also permits delivery of higher doses of several cancer drugs compared to conventional formulations potentially improving anti-cancer activity.

Second, polymeric micelles enable the simultaneous delivery of multiple water-insoluble cancer drugs in combination. Not only does this replace the toxic formulations of multiple drugs with a single, safe vehicle, it may also increase anti-cancer activity. Co-D Therapeutics has shown that polymeric micelles can effectively “package” three or more complementary drugs that act synergistically against a broad range of cancer types.

Third, the safety profile of polymeric micelles and their ability to deliver multiple drugs simultaneously offers the opportunity to dramatically simplify the patient chemotherapy experience. Polymeric micelles, in contrast to other conventional formulations, do not require patient premedication to prevent allergic reactions. Moreover, combined delivery may allow a single rapid infusion to substitute for the sequential slow infusions often required in traditional combined chemotherapy regimens.

TechnologyFinally, the flexibility of polymeric micelle drug formulation may permit patient-specific tailoring of treatment in multiple agent regimens. For example, if a particular patient’s tumor is known to be sensitive to two conventional agents in combination at high dose and one conventional agent at low dose, a three-drug polymeric micelle formulation can be designed to deliver the optimal ratio of individual drugs for a particular patient. It is the goal of Co-D Therapeutics to be a leader in the evolving field of personalized cancer medicine and our polymeric micelle technology provides an ideal foundation to achieve this goal.