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Nanoparticles Improve Tumor Treatment in Mice

By Eric Hamilton In the treatment of cancer, chemotherapy is a cleaver, not a scalpel. By attacking rapidly dividing cells, chemotherapy effectively fights tumors, but it also ravages healthy cells in the gut, bone marrow, the scalp and other organs, leading to severe side effects. These toxic chemicals save lives, but at a great cost […]

Improving Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

School of Pharmacy faculty entrepreneurs bring technology from the lab to the marketplace By Katie Ginder-Vogel It’s not easy starting a new company, and it’s even more demanding to be an entrepreneur while also working full time as a professor at one of the top pharmacy schools in the country. Running a startup and a […]

Madison startup advances three-in-one cancer drug rooted at UW

Co-D Therapeutics, a University of Wisconsin–Madison spinoff, is developing a three-drug cocktail to battle a wide range of cancers. The first target for Co-D is angiosarcoma, a rare and lethal cancer that arises from blood vessels. The company’s submicroscopic package contains paclitaxel, a standard cancer drug, combined with two other drugs designed to reduce the […]